East again

I walked around Page this morning. Here are the stats.

There was this cool trailer bbq rig, complete with Freightliner type pipes, parked in a gas station, that was like this hairy grown up version of Japadog down there on Burrard.

Page is on the Colorado River, right beside the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell. The dam is 290′ tall. It was designed specifically to block any salmon that could jump the 221′ Hoover Dam which is downstream a bit. It powers the equivalent of 5.6 million households.

The Colorado River behind

And behind the dam, now that the really neat stuff is done, the admin department does it’s thing.

The water level is 80′ below maximum, which I was told is normal for this time of year. It fills completely late spring/early summer. Lake Powell is fed by snowmelt.

Lake Powell behind, with the boat floats

Then, of all strange things, it was a couple of hundred miles back to Chinle, to see the horses.


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  1. Jeremy, just want you to know I’m really enjoying your journey and I look forward to every post! Jane

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