I left Lucinda at the bike dealer for a major service before Central America. There’s a good service shop in Guatemala City apparently (edit: this turned out not to be true) so if something isn’t quite right there’s a second chance at the next tire change.P1030027

The list of mods included a new custom kickstand support we had shipped from Woody’s, a permanent fix for the bogus seat fastener, re-wiring the headlights since we’re getting bored of electrical fires and upgrading to a ceramic clutch, although this change may be overkill.

I dumped all my gear with the shop and set off for LAX.

The arrivals building’s super dull

The Air France check-in is madness which was a cheery sight

Compared to Air Canada.

Looking outside, this airline’s branding department is an equal opportunity employer

Ditto this restaurant chain

With this sign above. Hey, don’t sweat it guys, neither can we

Then through security. Very quiet

Then it’s time to go, settling into the idea of being home for a few days in the City of Glass.

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