Overnight ferry and on to Durango

We’re cautious and head directly over the hills behind La Paz to the ferry with hours to burn. After getting a handle on the time we’ll need later to go through customs, get our permits and insurance sorted, we head off a few miles to a beach for a general check-in on any issues any of us are having. We go through our various tool choices and share new maintenance and repair ideas

The group is cut into two groups psychologically – winners and losers. The previous night we drew straws for boat cabins – only three of us have plumbing. I’m among the pee-in-a-bottle losers. Damn.
Back at the ferry terminal, we start the paper process using a shed for for home base out of the sun
About three hours later all’s done and we ride over to the ferry for the 17 hour crossing
First they have to load all the Bimbo’s. Tons of those in La Paz. I’m guessing they’re shipping more to Cancun. Lucinda laughs as they go by
We ride on first, just like on our beloved BC Ferries, and down to the bowels of the ship. In the dark and dirt, we tie the bikes down.
Ferrying gear through passages
Navigating up to the sunlight, we get our room keys and depart at about 5:00 pm
Random boat shot
We crash early as we ride to Durango as soon as we land. Sunrise
I notice a Harken bullet in the rigging. Huh?
Arriving at Mazatlan. After La Paz we’re happy we’ll be driving straight through
Soon we’re climbing up into the mountains to the Devil’s Spine, a 100 mile ridge ride of twisties through mist and rain forest. Helge and I decide to ride together at the front and he blasts off. We only stop twice so only a few pictures. ¬†Lunch stop is here
A gap in the forest
Then down for the final stretch into Durango. Militia and heavily armed police are everywhere. Young guys in Oakley’s, laser sighted rifles and bad-ass trucks with custom rear decks for firing on the move. Very cool. Lucinda looks a bit wary
Into Durango
The whole town is partying for some reason. They have a band and it’s surrounded by adoring fans. They’re really terrible but the crowd looses it. We’re loosing it too but with exhaustion – a long couple of days

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