Two days to San Miguel de Allende

Much of the last two days has been distance killing.

I’m very aware of another aspect of travelling with these guys. Back to the tourist vs. rider thing. There’s not a lot of cultural coverage. Riding is first, they’ve all been here, done that with the rest, like pilots. Touristic behaviour just doesn’t happen much. So I try to absorb on the fly, knowing I’ll have to return to catch up. On the flip side, I’m learning about what’s required to be a member of this elite club. After I leave them I’ll put together something here on what makes these guys tick and why they can’t stop doing it.

The downside of this mentality is that they think nothing of a day or two of getting from A to a desirable B across tedious and mind numbing distances. Such is the haul from Durango to Zacatecas and beyond to where we are today. Although the desirable B is actually a mandatory rest stop on the way to a better C. But they have 100 days of this so blowing a few off to get way south isn’t a big deal.

This is what life looked like for maybe 12 of the 20 hours over the last two days

And just to make matters worse after an inspection station I get pulled over and given the 3rd degree by these dudes

It’s a vast plain

Saved by the colourful towns

And the best food ever

These roadside places are so convenient it feels like they’re waiting for you. And everyone seems so happy it’s always fun to stop. I’m gaining weight. But I’m told from this high point the food is going to get progressively worse for the next 15,000 miles

Finally, approaching San Miguel de Allente 50 miles out, the land becomes ranch land and less desperate. desert is my favourite environment – I’m not sure why this has been so different but I’m glad it’s over

I stop and watch two towns playing soccer against each other. Jesus these guys are wild. And wildly inaccurate, haha

Here’s Lucinda hiding behind a shrub on a bridge. Not a very good job as her butt’s showing

And on to our hotel and the long wait as we look for someone to open the door…

Tomorrow’s a new day and hopes are high for better riding…


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  1. Alex Elgard,

    happy new year Jeremy

  2. That last picture is lovely. Hope all is well. 143

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