Cobblestone, ice

We’re completely exhausted. We’re five days behind on the blog. We’ll catch up in a day or so with complete stories

I’ve been using my new Contour video camera and like the ease of operation and laser levelling/rotating lens.

Here’s a video of the streets of SM Allende from Monday.


The next day three of us, Helge, my new BFF Fred from Germany and I split from the group (who knew better) to climb the highest dirt/ice road in North America. We summit into the caldera at about 12,500 feet.

Approaching the 2nd station at about 10,000 feet on the steep icy side



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  1. Waiting for your next post. Hope all is okay and you are having fun.

  2. Hence the saying “you take the high road and I’ll take the low road”. Or was that a song. In any event, you are closer to heaven, and lets just say I’m closer to the beach. Stay safe!

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