Two weeks ago Lucinda was sitting in the courtyard being bombed by avocados and wondering when her flight to LA was. We knew whatever was wrong with her was serious enough to warrant a flight out of here.

I was spending hours trying to navigate the paperwork. Here’s a sample of what life looked like:

Hi Jeremy, 

Before we can arrange the pickup we first need to have written permission from the NHSTA and EPA to move the bike into the USA. The EPA has informed it is possible to import the bike temporarily into the US for repair, BUT there is a fly in the ointment.  NHTSA has not come back with any approval or instructions at this time. They do not offer any type of automatic exemption for repair on a non-US registered vehicle. 

I will provide you with rates for this move, but I have to make it clear that we are still pending approval from NHTSA before we can ship it.  For EPA, you will need to complete the attached and send it directly to EPA.  EPA’s email is:  Imports@epamail.epa.gov

The bike cannot be imported without this letter and should not ship until it is received back from EPA.  EPA does not guarantee any type of turn-around time on issuing the letter, but we would advise that you need to express your urgent timeline to the EPA when you send the attached exemption letter to them.  Please review the letter, add the missing info, and rework the narrative if anything is incorrect.

You will need to send the form directly to EPA, along with copies of your registration, passport, license and anything else EPA comes back with in their reply to you.

I have also attached POA for him to complete, along with an EPA form.  There may be an additional form NHTSA will need, but we am waiting to hear back from them.  

I was thinking I needed to rent a time machine, un-sell my company for a day and delegate this fucking mess. That seemed as plausible as any of the alternatives.

After discussions with Jeff in LA we decided to use a bike shop in Guatemala City as a workshop, put Lucinda in an induced coma there, have a look inside and fly both the parts and the talent this way, rather than that way. Expensive but no choice.

So I just got the pictures. Here are a few. This used to be a piston

This is supposed to be a bit straighter, like, straight

That funny looking white line is a crack in the sleeve

And last but not least

So Jeff and I’ll put together a plan. No matter we come up with it’s going to be epic.


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  1. Tom,

    That is some nasty.
    When you go, you may as well go really big.

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