Dispatch from Fred

Fred is a passionate rider. I suppose everyone down here is but his photo album has a depth and breadth I think we’re all a bit envious of. Not surprisingly he’s successful elsewhere in life.

Currently the group he’s with is moving south fast.

He’s German. I’m looking forward to riding with him in Europe about 16 months from now. Motorcycle tour in Mexcico

Here he is club racing at Hockenheim on his 1000RR
Fred 2011 - S 1000 RR

He’s crashed a few times in the last two weeks.

Hy Jeremy,

Of cource all the best for body and bike.
I call it touch down.
The 1. I had in Honduras, there was a big whole in the road filled up with earth, an it was raining,
not realy raining it was wet.
I colsed the throttle an my back wheel like to past me.
and I am on the ground.
Two mexican guys will help me to pick all the stuff.
nothing happens.
the 2. touch down
I was on the road with david and ed.
we are riding through a villige with a lot of trucks.
in the middle there was no space so we take the ride side, ed and david behind me
when I was infront of the front wheel of the truck there was one of this small
local motor cycles and ther was not enough space between the truck and this small bike
so the truck touch me an my left panjier and pushed me on this small bike.
Now the look of my panjier and one of my adv lights.
the 3. touch down
at the toll roads !
bike have to pay nothing, thats nice.
the have on right side like a small sidewalk.
and one of this had 3 concret walls,
Ok, 2 of the a pasted easyly and the 3. I touch with my left panier.
so it throughs me to the right side.
whats the result, my panjeíers to huge.
At this morning we start in Quito, Ecuador.
Tomorrow evening we are cosed to th border of peru.


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  1. Excellent story from Fred. Quite a challenge though, navigating the roads in Latin countries.

  2. Margo Harper,

    Hi Jeremy, I loved Fred’s bike wisdom and the freedom it evoked. Hope Lucinda’s parts destined to repair or repairers coming there, or whatever. That looks like quite a piston crack. Espero que el espanol esta tratandote bien y felix, sobre todo, amigo mio.

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