She’s back

Lucinda’s been up in Guatemala City for a week. After less than perfect communications with the shop there, Jeff and I got nervous and pulled her. She arrived back in Antigua yesterday.

There’s a fellow here, Taz Bok, who’s just set up shop. He used to be the guide with the leading Guatemalan motorcycle tour company. He lives and breathes bikes and has done the repair work for the recent travellers who’ve come through.

The new and final plan is to do further investigations at Taz’s today. We’ll take more photographs, send them to Jeff and put together a final parts list.

We pulled the panniers off to be sent out for repair. We’ll immediately straighten the pannier racks and carefully start the process of straightening the rear sub frame. While this is going on Jeff will get the parts shipped to LA and when all’s complete up there he’ll send the mechanic down here with everything we need.

It sounds extreme but there’s no other way. Getting Lucinda out of the country for repair could take weeks or months. We’re in the wrong country. Mexico would have been fine, ditto Panama, Columbia, and others. But there are a few where a major problem, like engine damage, is really bad news.

This probably won’t be the last time. There’s been a wave of crashes around here and further south with another group of riders I follow.

Lucinda in her new home, boxes off


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