A song, a dance and a crash

Antigua’s gearing up. The festivities and processions for Lent are the most spectacular in the western world, a week or so away. The town is filling up.

They’re laying carpets of petals and dyed sawdust down the roads. This Sunday or Monday I’ll show you how, why and when they destroy them.


So, three videos

Firstly, a song. The band is Mayan. Like the Guatemalan Latinos they’re diminutive, shy (unless armed) and charming. A little bit of body movement is an extravagance here. I’ve listened to many musicians in Antigua and this is at the cutting edge of letting loose. I’ve kept the clip short.


A dance. Today school kids were dancing in the streets all over town. If this doesn’t win for you, you have a heart of stone


A crash. Recently Taz here repaired a 1200 GS for a Russian rider who went down near Tikal, a few hundred miles north. Here’s his video. I’ll be through there after the mountains to the northwest. I sent this video to someone recently who felt it was rider error. What do you think? Oh, and another thing you’re thinking: porque no gloves ? There’s a very interesting second part to this story I’ll offer up if anyone has a decent comment on rider fault/no fault here…



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  1. One of those boys looked like he was having a miserable time dancing. Awesome videos this post.

  2. Tom,

    Tough call who’s fault on the crash:
    1) bike passing on a solid line
    2) no signal from truck
    3) truck crossing solid line too…
    I don’t think rider error -you can see him grab as much brake as he could (best thing to do on an ABS bike)…
    Where the F was the truck going (no road to turn into)? – almost seems like it’s intentional

  3. Anonymous,

    Does it really matter? Rider down sans hand protection too. I think this is one of those situations that could happen to any of us. The rider was obviously well into an overtaking move. There was a sharp turn caution sign which should have put the rider into an extreme mode of caution but he seemed to just roll on and start his move with little space considering the turn ahead. The moment that truck start to move left the warning bells should have gone off!!!!! The riders reactions seemed to be so slow.

    Now for the truck? Tourist? What’s with the English language? My vote is all in favour of the rider being in the right but as we see right doesn’t matter.

  4. Don from Kelowna,

    Rider’s fault 100%.

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