Tour update

I’m getting some email heat about not being out on the road.

I’m two weeks late. The plan was for six weeks at school in Antigua and now it’s eight.

Well today Taz told me, when I visited Lucinda, that the shipment of parts had been returned to the L.A. dealer because the crate was insufficiently strong. You can imagine my reaction. The final parts list was written weeks ago. I won’t bore you with details but it’s been, er, a bit difficult.

So we’re looking at about two more weeks before getting back on the road. The route is planned. Gear has been sorted. And I continue to go to school five days a week. I have a friend, Claudia Josephine, an aristocratic Guatemalan girl, who wants to improve her english as I want to improve my spanish, and I’ve asked the staff at my hotel to never speak english to me. So the extra couple of weeks has been valuable. And my previously broken body has appreciated the extra time.

So what’s first when I’m out of here? The sea. In 56 years I’ve never been far from it. It has a (not inexplicable) hold on me and the route there from here is uncommon and perhaps a little challenging. There’s little or nothing down there except for black sand, incredible heat and vampire bats. Perfect.



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