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WBD #1 and I had a protracted discussion about tonight’s TWD season finale, just ended.  I happen to disagree with some of her calls, mainly because I think her logic is nearly impeccable and therefore unlikely. And secondly because it’s acceptable. I think we’re going to be dealt the unacceptable.

She’s going to Facebook this for feedback, so if you see this first, go there.

But first, a tribute. George A Romero’s Night of the Living Dead


WBD’s call:

1) Glen dies. Foreshadowed by his marriage to Maggie and Hershel’s comment about how *his anger will get him killed* Because they got married either him or Maggie need to go and Maggie stands to come back hard from Glen’s death where-as Glen doesn’t have much to gain.

2) Maggie kills the Governor. Retribution for Glen, and for what the Governor did to her. And WBD thinks Maggie’s pregnant.

3) The camp acquires Milton. A perfect fit in Rick’s group’s talent gap.

4) Daryl and Martinez go toe-to-toe after the Governor is killed. They need some kind of interaction after their bond outside the warehouse.

6) Daryl kills Martinez. Retribution for Merle. Martinez loses direction after the Governor dies and is softened from him and Daryl’s previous moment, Daryl’s still seeing red.

7) Rick gives Andrea Woodbury. They don’t want her and Rick doesn’t want to grow the group. Rick and his group move on from the prison.

My call:

1) Daryl is in blind rage after Merle’s death. It’s the only good retribution story we have right now. And if he pulls it off it’s too pat. He takes on too much and it gets him killed.

2) Hershel’s killed. I don’t know how but since WBD doesn’t have any walker deaths in her scenario I’ll go death-by-walker.

3) Another shock death or two. Glen and Carol. Unless Carol, as sweet as she is, doesn’t get it on with Daryl then she’s wasting oxygen. Glen and Maggie can’t continue, it’s over, and Maggie has way too much potential whereas Glen’s tapped out.

4) Milton kills the Governor.

5) Michonne kills Andrea. Yeh!

6) Two camps, Rick’s and Woodbury can’t coexist and Rick isn’t taking on the whole lot. Which presents a problem. This problem is resolved by Rick’s group moving on from the prison on the pretext that too much loss has happened there.

7) Tyreese kills Martinez.

Neither of us could figure out what’s up with Carl.


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  1. No chance they’re killing off 4 of Rick’s group. Sorry Dad. Pick 2 and try again. Especially if Martinez isn’t going live to fill a talent gap. Way overzealous.

    • And I don’t think the Governor’s small army is going to wage war without carnage. It’s going to be worse than people think. And you notice my call leaves Rick, Carl and lill asskicker baby Judith – family intact and now, with Hershel’s two daughters, a nice fresh start. And Tyreese the new wingman.

      • Yes but I also don’t think that they can give the Governor and Martinez kills both to people from that side… What the hell is Rick’s army doing? Slaying zombies while the Governor deals with a civil war?

      • Rick doesn’t have an army. They would have to take out at least 5 bad guys each. I don’t think Rick has a masterful strategy and without one he’s going to loose 50% of his assets.

    • Note to WBD#1 – I think your cover just got blown by calling the author “Dad”.

  2. The way your predictions are layed out are giving you a max of 50% right, I can’t see how the episode could possibly look with all those things happening. And you weren’t fair to Carol given how much growth her character has undergone.

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