Dinosaur hunt 3

This was supposed to be the big one. Go to the river, wait until dark, and find a crocodile where they rest, under partially submerged logs. The average size is about 7 feet and 12 feet is not uncommon. David says they’re docile, same as the scorpions, snakes and tarantulas, all of which we’ve now found. In fact according to David, everything is docile. Bullshit, according to Andy, the lodge owner, but anyway.

We go to a hardware store about 12 miles away and buy two flashlights that are ‘water resistant’ for $9 each. I have my snorkel stuff, he has his.

We go down to the river bank and wait here until dark


Then, before the moon can rise, and it’s pitch dark, we wade in. We swim both shores separately for about an hour. The river is very warm. But no croc’s. But it took us two days to find a decent scorpion, so maybe next time. Except my bike parts are due tomorrow, so I’ll be off Saturday morning maybe. If not we try again.

Here’s what it was like in the river. Video courtesy of my trusty ‘waterproof to 40 feet’ Lumix point-and-shoot. A catfish under flashlight


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