There was work to do this morning. emails, banking, laundry, all the stuff that hasn’t been done in the last week. Then I couldn’t stand it anymore and went for a ride.

There’s a loop around Volcan de Agua (the huge Volcano that dominates the valley) that’s dirt between the pueblos of Santa Maria de Jesus and Palin. About 1/3 of the rest is a main road.

If you’re in the area here’s the track

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 6.53.06 PM

A few miles out you ride through Santa Maria de Jesus. A town made entirely out of unpainted cinder blocks.  This is a classic example of why you don’t ride at night in Central America. A dangerous town


Then immediately into country around the base of the volcano. Lucinda is running around without her panniers for the next few days. She thinks it looks OK but doesn’t like the feel of her rear wheel in steep descents, she says, adjusted as she is to having more weight back there. Not for the first time we think we need a quick-reference setting for the rear Ohlins preload.


Then, a little further is the pueblos’ garbage dump, which is for hundreds of yards the side of the road


Huge vultures resting in the trees


Back into the woods


But they’re always there


Another hour or so later things deteriorate again for a long way


Into Palin then back


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