Deer Park

So I’m sitting here looking at routes south. It’s been a long time repairing the ribs, then toughing out waiting for the parts Lucinda needed to get her on her feet again.

This morning we had a great ride with Julio, Luisa and Claudia into the country and at a moment, all my immediate plans changed. I had planned northeast to Semuc Champey, Tikal, but no more. The words of Helge, which I’d discounted up until now, suddenly were crystal clear. He told me that the urge to push hard *away* would be strong. I was sitting over a coffee when it hit me. I couldn’t head northeast – I had to head south NOW. Scrap the plans.

I called Julio an hour ago. I have to go. Sorry, I said. He knew exactly what I meant, didn’t question it, and he’s going to zoom across the El Salvador border with me (well he hasn’t told Luisa yet, but that’s the plan). I have to go to Guatemala City tomorrow to get my new plates (hopefully no problems here), give Lucinda new tires and fluids Tuesday, take the girls out to dinner, smart move, then we’re off.

There have been a couple of times when I’ve had this feeling of urgency. As time with Lucinda passes we’re more grounded, a bit more experienced, which somehow makes the urgency all the greater. We had a great talk yesterday, as we picked our way down a steep rocky path.

We’re a long way from our first days out together, when I was pushing her hard, knew absolutely nothing, trying to do a 700K days (that didn’t last long). So why is this blog called Deer Park? Because this is the crazy place we started from


Saludos, Guatemala



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  1. Love that video. What a nit.

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