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Track: to El Tunco, El Salvador. Note the overshoot midpoint. The same as on the Las Guacamayas track. It must be the heat.
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It is so hot right now, here on the ocean. The same punishing full-humid 105F+ we tried to endure in Las Guacamayas, MX. The thunder of the surf, not welcome for the first time ever, feels like a hammer and I wish it would back off. The mosquitos are brutal. There’s nowhere to hide. It hasn’t been the best day because of that, but we’re headed south and we rode alone, and that’s all good.

We headed for the El Salvador border early, headed for the ocean, which always calls. A few weeks ago ago we were on the Caribbean , now it’s the Pacific. We chose the low border crossing because we didn’t want to go through Guatemala City. Enough of that in the last week, and the northerly start to hold off the heat as long as possible.

But first, Lucinda. Taz built a bracket for a single Rotopax yesterday. I’ve always been concerned about our range and this is a first step. I’ll add a second stack when I can find one. This one was used and hanging around his shop. To appease the Gods of ‘light’ I jettisoned more gear late last night. I ditched the armour. The duffle is down to a token gesture. I have tools, spares, insulation, tech, and a few clothes. Washing will be every night now as there aren’t any duplicates. I wouldn’t think about that factoid if I was you. It really can’t get any lighter than this…

Lots of small towns to navigate first thing. This is typical and always interesting riding

After the towns we descend

Through more towns

And into the country. The heat haze is building

We stop and chat to a Guatemalteco out for a Sunday ride for a few minutes

Then to the typical border town. The heat is building like crazy. It’s through 100F

And the border. Sure enough, our new Guate plates mean no aduana, but their’s a new vehicle permit thing going on and it costs us an hour


Then further towards the ocean the country side opens up and it’s beautiful

Cattle everywhere

This guy wouldn’t move. He was eying up the brunettes above, trying to decide. I considered his problem. Not easy, they were pretty close.

Through miles of canopies


Open glades. A guy on a bike said these were sugar cane fields.

And miles of fields that were burned-off but had stands of palm. A mystery but pretty

Then the road veered off towards the ocean. I was looking forward to this. The riding was excellent and twistied along the coast through five tunnels. We love tunnels and bridges. Immature, we know

Then the twisties got closer and opened up to the ocean. Magnificent. An ocean with a tunnel

Looking down

Then 30 miles of this. I’d lost time at a border again, and stopped for photos a fair bit and had to press on to find somewhere  to crash, and we I was tired. The heat.

We rode into El Tunco, after the first two prospects said no WiFi. No WiFi ahead is like potentially missing a tax instalment. Worrying

The view of this surf haven. Black sand. And super hot


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  1. julio,

    “video” Good to see that you are picking up the local riding style

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