A short ride today but it couldn’t have been prettier. El Salvador’s small like a jewel.

Short because the next fews days require good planning and because major laundry including suit washing has become critical. The high temperatures have activated the bacterial cultures in my suit, helmet, gloves and boots and it’s real bad.

About ten days ago, after I junked the crap Alpinestars armour due to zip and velcro failure after just a month, I put my riding jacket on and:

Claudia: Jeremy, you smell bad

Lucinda: No he doesn’t

Me: Yes. But not at all sure what to do about it

Anyway we arrived at the laguna early

I try not to post a terrible photo, the others weren’t so great so that will have to do. Lucinda is a little speck to the left of the white van.

It’s sulphurous and the surrounding rock looks like this
P1060420 - Version 2

The clay around it is also pretty and looks like this

But the trail in the jungle around the laguna looks like this!

Then down 2K of cobblestone

Then off to Berlin for an explore of the houses on the hillside of town. Nothing huge to report but the beauty of El Salvador and the always good riding

And the little track
Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 3.02.35 PM

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