to Perquin and San Miguel

We hadn’t been north in El Salvador and I’d heard that the old FMLN guerrilla stronghold was north of  us, close to the Honduras border. But it would be a long day if we were going there and back again to set up in San Miguel for the Honduran border, so we set off very early.

There’s a connecting road between Chapeltique and Gotera in the track below
Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 9.20.50 PM

that turned out go through the most prosperous land we’d seen yet in this country. The countryside was beautiful

Rich people

Lots of this

And of course what would riding be in Central America be without one of these in almost constant view

Then we started gaining elevation, slowly and constantly. We were under time pressure so not a lot of shots of this day. Villagers doing the wash in the rivers. A constant

Good basic riding


Up more into thick forest


To the town of Perquin, which is definitely the meanest town I’ve passed through in the last while. I didn’t take pictures of much because I didn’t want to piss even a dog off. Money here too, maybe bad money, who knows

But plenty of steel doors . Lucinda doesn’t even want to go on the kickstand here. I think this house is an inside joke

Because this is the norm

Or like this

This might even be a B&B

This guy’s cheering up the neighbourhood with his red steel doors

Then a long ride to San Miguel down through the mountains

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