So here’s where we’re headed
Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 3.50.06 PM

It’s likely to be the last time I ride with my new friends who are headed south on a quicker path than mine.

We set off for the ferry terminal to the Isle of Ometepe, which is the largest island in a lake in the world and consists of two volcanoes, one of which is still active. It’s also home to fresh water sharks, bull sharks in fact and they attack people. Cool.

At the ferry terminal

While we’re waiting for the boat we’re surrounded by millions of tiny flies. None of us had ever seen anything like it and it’s driving us crazy


Hugh covers up, Colin leaves his helmet on

Then the boat arrives

The boys ride on


We tie down the bikes

The ferry ride’s terrific, about an hour

The island dock

I think boats and motorcycles are a great mix. Specially at home, on the BC Ferries, mostly the small ones. I can’t wait to take Lucinda to Lund with the two beautiful crossings. Nothing better, really.


Onto a wonderful road



and by the water


Through the two volcanoes

Then the hamlet of Santo Domingo, where we jumped into the water

A micro storm came through, lasting about 10 minutes. I named it Tropical Storm Lucinda




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  1. Tom,

    10 minute tropical storm – too cool!
    But the fly issue looked nuts. No wonder water buffalo and caribou go berserk… I hate fucking flies.

    • And over on the Island they came in waves – you could see them approaching in thick brown low clouds over the water. Minnows would jump up to snag them randomly. Then egrets would stand in the water and snatch the minnows. Incredible.

  2. Yours is a fabulous adventure, JG.

  3. t,

    OMG. The flies?! That’s beyond unbelievable.
    It’s truly wonderful that you are doing this trip and especially the way you are documenting it and taking us all along for the ride. You are giving many of us a wonderful gift because how many will actually get to see this part of the world. I sincerely commend you for having the balls to do this trip in the first place, and having the energy, creativity, and thoughtfulness to journal it along the way as you have. You know, your grand children and even future generations beyond that will have this as a permanent record of you. You are the most amazing person I have ever known, and grateful for that. Thank you, Jeremy. Sincerely.

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