Lake Arenal

Still weak from the bug, we set off in sunshine from Liberia. We’re obviously being pushed for a total bike overhaul before South America because we lost the Rotopax, which was due for doubling and having a new base plate made anyway. We pulled into a gas station and it wasn’t there. Going back to see what had failed, the base plate we had made in Antigua had broken between two bolts. And it could have happened at any point in the last 50 miles so I didn’t bother to go look for it. You drop something here and someone picks it up fast. A good thing it was due to be upgraded in Panama anyway. But things are showing wear and tear. The steering feels notchy in the middle and harder to turn. Sure feels like steering head bearings but these were replaced in LA and should have another 20K on them left at least. But add it to the list. And the forks are due for an overhaul. So I’m beginning to get this organized before crossing to Colombia.

As soon as we’d gassed up and took the left to Arenal the rain started with a fury. I had the ARC rain suit ready and on it went and off we went. No pics until the Lake, by which time it had slowed and the clouds were lifting.

However, the day’s track
Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 4.18.46 PM

And here’s some detail from the last 40 miles. Twisting climbs and drops. Magnificent. Add this to your list.
Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 4.19.26 PM

And some where to the lower left of the lower track, above, was our first view of this moody, tropical, lake

And from higher up Lucinda insisted on one

Lush beyond lush

Everywhere you look. Sure the Lumix shoots a bit green but I’m not playing with the colour levels. It’s all emerald green

Looking up one of the many creek ravines

In the above pic, if you look closely there are two guys net fishing, same as the pic I got in El Salvador, and we caught the net in the air again.

Then through a bamboo forest

Down to the water

Then at the head of the lake, this monster, Volcan Arenal

Pic from Wiki, Arenal just 7 years ago, and ready to do it again. Hopefully tonight

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