Dinosaur hunt 4

A two day post

Yesterday I walked into the forest at Arenal with a small group from the lodge hoping for great things. On my wish list are sloths, boas, monkees, a fer-de-lance, Quetzals, jaguars, leaches, lots of things that my imagination conjures and that are all here somewhere

( It wasn’t to be yesterday. So I’ve done something about that. Today I rode a tough road to Monteverde to what is claimed to be the most pristine cloud forest in Central America)

But anyway, yesterday, before we could get into the trees, hidden on an embankment was this splash of yellow

We woke him up. A small eyelash pit viper. Very dangerous, if it bites you you lose that limb, at the very least. He seemed more curious than pissed, based on his facial expression I’m sure you agree, so got a nice shot

Then into the forest

We hunted around forever and basically saw nothing. There were monkeys very high up in the canopy though. A group of 4 here. Yup, we couldn’t see much either

I thought this miniature wild bees nest, above a termite mound, was pretty cool. A bit bored, I shoved my finger into the termite mound and ate some termites

By a pond was this fellow. The most over-photographed animal in Costa Rica?

Then back at the lodge, this guy. Not able to Wiki what it is as there are so many like it

And, unfortunately that was pretty much it.

So off we went this morning. I was told the 65 miles to Monteverde would take 4 hours. What? They said the last half was difficult.

The track
Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 5.52.40 PM

Around Tileran, wide open spaces. And the clouds were building

This was a disaster – the rain isn’t supposed to start until about 2:00 and it’s only 10:00. I didn’t want to ride a tough road in big rain. I pulled in at the next town, too late, and suited up, soaked to the skin and chatted to this guy, Jose, who showed me pics of his bikes on his phone. See him in the following video, taking shelter from the rain

Central American rainy season, everyday after lunch


A surprise about rainy season, in the mountains here, is the violence of it. The thunder and lightning are intense and don’t quit. All afternoon and all night mostly. Today a massive burst happened right overhead and shook us hard as we rode. It wasn’t going to quit so we climbed high up into the clouds for another 1 1/2 hours. A very rewarding ride and made us feel good about how we’re doing and some things ahead. Tomorrow, I hope, muchos cool animales peligrosos.


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