Manuel Antonio is a recommended destination but I was glad to leave. Tourist hotels, people everywhere, stuffed with ex-pats. It wasn’t the sea I wanted to stay at. I’d heard there was a dorm lodge on Quebrada point that was isolated and pristine. So off I went. The small track down the coast
Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 7.23.07 PM

Deep in the coastal jungle, a moody place and nearly no-one around. I should have taken a pic of the white-knuckle boulder field ride in from the road

Bats sleeping under the steps. They were about 1 1/2 inches long

A great pool in the river by the lodge

It was bloody hot so I stripped and jumped in within minutes of arriving. Cold!

Nice tropical views while floating around

But the real reason I was here was to see the beach. I’d heard it was a tough climb down and guaranteed to be alone. Half an hour later I was on the sand. True to promise I was alone. The jungle came down to the waters edge. Looking south

The water washed up to the base of the trees. High tide. To the left is mist from the surf off the north point. See the video below


Looking out, some bluffs in the distance

I walked out into the sea. Warm. Warmer than the river. It was hard to get a representative shot of this magical and secluded tropical beach, so a 360 degree video does the trick


Little snails busily buried themselves. But when snails make plans, God laughs


Toucans aren’t common anywhere. Except around here I guess because there was always one or two hanging around. A cool Toucan video


Another sort of Toucan is the less common ‘la Cucinga’

If I wasn’t a week behind on my posts, more on this. But the short version is this was the highlight of Costa Rica so far. It was nice to be alone somewhere. But things just kept getting better from the vague malaise Monteverde put me in. The suns sets over Quebrada


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  1. J & G Carew,

    J – Where is this Quebrada lodge? I’d like to ck it out on the web.
    Did you ck out Lapa’s Nest Treehouse in P. Jimenez? MONOS everywhere!!!
    Jim & Gail

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