Osa 1

I’d also heard that the Osa peninsula was similarly remote, with just a few roads and plenty of crocodiles and great dirt roads. Headed here

The track in to Puerto Jiminez
Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 6.55.11 PM

The road south from the coast road, about 40 miles through the jungle

Once in a while, signs of life

Until we came to the water, the Gulfo Dulce. Stuffed with Hammerhead sharks, btw. They swim in massive schools here, one of the largest populations in the world. And in the rivers, stuffed with crocodiles, currently at their most dangerous as they raise their baby crocodiles

You can imagine how hot and humid it is

Even the rivers looked tired. But they were probably stressed out they had crocodiles in them

Over the smaller rivers, small bridges

Until we got to our lodge, on the beach. If you look carefully you can see my sweat-soaked suit drying outside of my door

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