Osa 2

For the next few days I explored the south shore of the peninsula. There’s only one dirt road (full of surprises) but lots to see. There’s no destination, other than returning back to the lodge, so this may seem a bit random.  The track of the road, which stops at the refuge to the west
Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 7.46.43 PM

But first I’m sure you want to see a crocodile. Here’s mama. Doesn’t look too convincing, but she started to sink as soon as I pointed the camera

But on a mud bank were her 8 little babies. They were about 18 inches long. She can grow to 18 feet.

The scene looked like this

On another bank some cows

Lucinda is feeling neglected, so

The road itself was a mixed bag of dirt, mud, rock and gravel. The good was very good

Semi-dried mud. If I wasn’t out of here by 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon each day this would be a quagmire. The rain is intensifying daily. I stop for pics on the straights so another bike or car don’t pile into me. The roads are rarely straight for long

And some streams. This one was a surprise, we came round the corner and sploosh! no warning. I took this pic coming back the other way. They poured gravel around the streams so they weren’t a bog crossing

There were small houses between the road and the sea

And in a clearing a barbed topped fenced compound with an old twin prop helicopter beside a large house. A paranoid recluse with a story, maybe

At the most western point on the road

And always back before the rain started. Here it is coming in

An abbreviated post because I’m behind.

The Osa is completely exotic. It lifted me out of whatever funk Monteverde and Manuel Antonio had put me in. Maybe Costa Rica as it was once. I’ll come back and take more photo’s

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