Boca Chica

If you Google Boca Chica you get a picturesque town in Dominica. But there’s another town with that name, just 200 people, in Panama on the end of a peninsula in an archipelego. It’s the only town here, and remote.

The track. Another short day between cool things, just 88 miles.
Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 3.32.51 PM

We started off this morning from near Volcan. At the main intersection we waited behind this cow and took a pic. No idea why at the time, but it was to be a theme today

Then tore off through the countryside. Small farms in the hills. The super-green that started in Costa Rica hasn’t let up

Down to the dreaded Pan America highway. Arggh. No choice at this point…

By the way, the crap that’s building up around my steering head is getting worse. Lucinda’s bearings are shot. This is the second time so far. They were replaced in LA. Something is very wrong here. No way should they need replacing this often…

It will have to wait for ten days

Then we take a right south towards the sea, unaware of the beautiful sights ahead

But first, we stop for a minute to enjoy the view

And a strange thing happens. I guess the funny looking big-eared cows haven’t seen a Canadian before because they all start gathering, staring at me intently. It’s creepy

A close up of their stares

They’re transfixed so, never one to pass up an audience, I give them a ride report. This bull wanders over, obviously interested. These cattle are enormous and almost pretty

Then it was back to the ride which climbed up onto a ridge through red clay

When we topped out the view was fairytale. A river winding its way to the sea

And then the sea

Down to the village of Boca Chica
Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 4.07.51 PM

Here’s video of the drive-thru


Then down to the sea. Boca Chica, as remote as it is, with no infrastructural support, according to a friend the ‘Jurassic Park’ of ocean fishing.  So there are a half dozen fishing lodges here. In the bays there are maybe 50 sport fishing boats. I rode around looking for a place to stay and found one at a reasonable price. Off topic, the cheapest place so far? $10 in Alegria, where I stayed for two nights. Here

And this is what you get for that and a shared bathroom. But it had a picture.

I don’t post my hotels often, and when I do usually a day late or so, for security reasons. So anyway, here’s what greats youP1070706

The coastline looks like thisP1070712



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  1. Glad you are seeing Panama. The scenery isn’t so nice in the city so take advantage of the interior while you are there. Maybe go fishing, friends slayed them up there yesterday.
    If you are having any doubts about poor old Lucinda making the rest of the trip I have a nice KLR that can do it. Cheap!

  2. Trine,

    It’s been a week. Too long!

  3. Yes, a week is too long. Your readers are waiting.

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