Islas Secas

I’ve dragged my goggles and snorkel around since September 30 and it’s time to use them. I guess they get mailed home in Panama City, maybe it wasn’t worth it. But today we’ll use them.

There’s a small group of islands, the Islas Secas, 15 miles offshore and offer the best snorkelling, and the biggest sharks on the coast of Panama. Below they appear under the words ‘Golfo de Chiriqui’
Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 2.39.19 PM

There’s no-one at the lodge and I get a ride out there for the cost of a two-tank dive. There’s the driver and a young guy along for the ride.

The islands are surrounded by reefs and shoals

The first snorkel is a jump off over a sea mount a mile or so from the islands. Unfortunately my Lumix doesn’t like under-sea shots but it looked a bit like this

Being alone on the mount, a mile from anything was very interesting and slightly freaky. A week ago I was swimming in the surf at Osa and asked a guy about sharks. He said some, but mostly a ways offshore. Oh great.

Towards the islands, more reefs

Bigger, a pelican on this one


And then the small islands. Uninhabited, windswept, green and black

On the lee side there were several small protected coves. This one had a beach a few hundred feet long

And another had the world’s best picnic beach. Except this is Panama and the heat staggering and the water warm, even out here

I was in the water for about 3 hours at different locations. You know, fish

And that was probably my best shot. Oh well. A ray

Up at the surface my camera did better. Hi puffer fish

Hi turtle

More spectacular shoreline on these tiny islands

The boat guys scouting for fishing spots between dives

Beside the islets

But they weren’t catching much today, just mackerel

A last view, then home

Just made it back to the mainland before the storm



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  1. spyplantqueen,

    The turtle seems less than impressed

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