what’s up

  • Lucinda’s getting her suspension serviced at Joe Hummer’s shop in Panama City. He’s the local go-to guy and perhaps can help me make progress with the contradictions my messed up forks are presenting.


  • Scouted out where Lucinda catches her flight to Bogota from. Turns out to be easy-peasy. Here


Here’s the cargo terminal. Used to be the main terminal

  • Getting stuff ready for Colombia (after researching the various GPS maps it turns out that OSM_13 from Dan T is a great starting point). The tools


  • Writing the missing blogs from October/November. They’ll be posted in one big batch in a few days – sorry email subscribers. This is kind of a forced decision: I’m cleaning up my laptop as I’ve only got 52GB left of 500GB and need to dump iPhoto and iMovie to a drive to be sent home. Also partially backed up to Carbonite, but that’s a one month process at CA internet speeds, not kidding.
  • Stuff. Of which there’s always plenty


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  1. Jim & Gail,

    J -Can’t wait to hear about Columbia. Jungle, monkeys, beautiful countryside….. Yeah!
    Keep your ears open about the junk going on in Sao Paulo. Protests, riots, nasty malitia tactics…..
    Stay safe
    Jim & Gail

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