July 2013
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Day July 1, 2013

tour of the City

I took Lucinda from Eddie’s to the BMW shop downtown this morning after rush hour died down. It’s a fun drive.

The route goes from the dock area, through some slums (in abandoned mid-rises), down to the waterfront, past the towers, and into town. This gives you a nice video tour of Panama City in 3 minutes, but is about 20 actually. (As you can see videos are now embedded in the left margin. One click to start, one click to go full screen, one click to close, no leaving the page anymore. Lower res unless you click HD when in full screen. In fact truth-be-known this whole post is just an excuse for me to see how the new video feature works)

So, to get on with the red herring, the wealth in Panama City is staggering. It’s like Dubai west. 

The BMW building. Cars and bikes. And power lines

Here’s the service bay. Immaculate

And, while they do the paperwork, you sit here

And have the best cup of coffee in weeks

Decide whether you want to spend US $4113.52 on an Akrapovic exhaust

And check out some bikes

Canada Day!

Wishing everyone at home a happy holiday!

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 9.25.27 PM