to San Gil

The first 50 miles out of Villa de Layva were chewed-up concrete and dirt that required concentration as there were trucks on the road

It’s all about horses, like Salvador

Then we broke out, and in the distance, the beautiful Colombian mountains

Two hours later, into a canyon

Yay! More on Colombian riding another time soon, in the opinion of many the best twisties in the world

And miles through a shallow gorge

Then steam was lined with a Crocosmia species! Strange because the last blast of colour we’d seen was on the Guatemalan high plains weeks ago and was another South African escapee, Knifofia. No idea why these African plants have invaded so successfully, but they have. A plant that does well in wild Central America is Ribes, I guess with a 10,000 mile range south. We have the crown jewel of the family in BC, Ribes sanguinium, which is nice to know

A town for lunch

No much luck and then a great little spot

You’d better love everything here all day because varieties of this are the backbone of sit-down food. Cooking skills stopped at the Mexico/Guate border and won’t resume until Argentina I’ve heard

A rio

which we followed to the town of San Gil

The town center had a slightly cramped feel

Built on a hillside

But San Gil didn’t do anything for me and the place I found with secure parking was a $10 dump

Black, white and red, for any application, if you’re brave and good enough. Behold

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