to Medellin

It’s 250 miles from Giron to Medellin, a full day. That doesn’t sound like much but since Mexico that’s the way it’s been. By the time you’ve taken some photo’s, stopped for lunch somewhere, talked to a couple of people, it’s 7 or 8 hours. The earliest you can get a coffee anywhere is 7:00 and if you need breakfast you’re not on the road until 7:45 and looking for a hotel at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. This seems to be everybody’s rough schedule. But if you’re riding down the Pan American highway you can easily add another 75 to 100 miles, but few people do that.

So off in threatening weather

Not many photo’s. I thought it could be a video day but the internet connection here is bad and uploading them all would take hours, so I’ll do a video post at some point.

The sky cleared and we rode through a fairytale for hours



White water lilles, if you click on this

And pink

The road was mostly fast. And sometimes bad, but they’re always sometimes bad. Dirt is way easier that torn-up pavement. One of the reasons I’m going to Medellin is to speak to a local expert on good Colombian dirt routes.

A couple of rivers were in full flood

This is probably the worst post ever for lack of pics. The final hour over the mountains into Medellin were a continuous series of slow, tight switchbacks. So many that at one point I thought, bloody hell I could use a rest from flipping Lucinda over left and right like this, I’m getting sloppy. But there’s lots of time to post great Colombia shots, so no worries.

Into Medellin

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