Ruta 40 Medellin. A shop with a mighty reputation. Deal with it here because the south is a long way to go… In our case it was the crummy potentiometer which they replaced.

I have new tires, Lucinda’s running perfectly, we’re ready to head north, sweep around the coast and then through central Colombia heading south to Ecuador along the mountains

So a very rare thing happened. Another solo rtw rider. I had seen him approach last week on ADV at the bottle neck that Panama/Colombia presents, and so people meet here. He’s Nate from Washington DC. 30, he’s been planning this for three years. I haven’t seen an rtw route that included a lap of both South America and Africa, as his does. Very bold.

He has some unique ideas, like this charging station in his Pelican top box

He’s headed to Bogota for a week. Our routes intersect later on but there’s no way to figure out the timing so we’ll just stay in touch.

Some very weird old BMW’s around, I guess thanks to Ruta 40’s presence. Ohlin’s the best bling as usual, even if it’s silly

I think I would have looked at the pipe first, but they’re doing something, so whatever, they win

And for the KTM guys, here’s the shop



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  1. Hugh Thomas,

    HI Jeremy, I’m following you here. It looks like fun. Is it rainy season or are they on a different schedule down there?
    Looks a bit more crowded than Central America.
    Hoping Lucinda holds up for you.
    Safe travels,

  2. Eddie,

    Jeremy, go to the Ktm shop. They may be able to fix Lucinda up 🙂

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