Last night a fellow rider I’ve mentioned before posted this on the ADV forum. Click on it for an interesting read
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24 hours later no-one’s offered any information other than to say that these things are always exaggerated but keep talking to the locals.

In 3 weeks or so I have to go through the zones the government fellow talks about to Equador. There’s no other realistic choice.

Last week I posted about riding through Caucasia in Antioquia and today I rode 45 down past Catatumbo and through Norte de Santander. Caucasia was a bit exciting but today was uneventful. I have a theory that a moto ripping across the landscape or around a corner on a mountain road is the last thing on anyones mind and although an ADV rider famously did get kidnapped here a few years back it was probably a one-off. At least that’s what I tell myself. All the riders around me are concerned as things have become worse recently. The B&B owner told me two nights ago in Tananga that the bigger hotel in town is empty for the first time in years because local travellers are nervous.

Here’s a link that explains some of what’s happening in the northeast.

news report


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  1. Jim & Gail,

    YIKES!!! Consider skipping Ecuador & crossing another boarder?
    Better yet, put Lucinda on a plane…
    JIM & GAIL

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