Tananga to Aguachica

I kept going through Santa Marta two days ago to the village of Tananga. Now the funny thing is last night there were two young successful couples from London there, not known to each other. Funny because Tananga is a dump and the place we were staying was dirt cheap. There was a time when the town was obviously special. You can tell from the ruins of what were once interesting homes and businesses, now in a state of collapse.

The main drag and the best looking corner

But mostly it looked like this

But the beach was very pretty

Anyway, I left early for the long ride across the plains, beside and eventually into the mountains. The track
Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 3.16.12 PM

The early going was rediculously hot, probably 110 again

After a couple of hours things got lush as we met the river. Here two kids fill bags with sand on one side of the river and carried them to the other

Up an embankment and loading them into a pedal tuktuk


After 200 miles or so we arrived at the beautiful mountains

The last ten days or so have been about Lucinda and me acclimatizing after too much down time in late CA. We’re a couple of days away from completing a loop of flat, hot, northern Colombia. I’ll be meeting a friend in Medellin for a few days.

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