We’re in the KTM shop looking at the new bikes

A new KTM 1190 here is $60M pesos, $31.3K US. Or, in local terms, about a kilo of blow

But I’m looking more at the small Zega Pro panniers, thinking this is my chance to upgrade. My boxes have received some criticism from others for not being the ‘pro’ edition of the Zega box. The idea being they’re just not robust enough. And sure enough mine have been beaten up quite badly. So I go for it. I reckon I’ll be forgiven if I go down a size and shed another 6 litres. They’re ready later that day and I pick them up, unpack them and look for the keys. No keys. I go back to the shop and am told they don’t have locksets for this box. This is strange as lockability is the main reason for owning them. Faced with the decision to either return them or make my other Zega locks work, I decide to keep them. Long story short, this turns into an epic, with Hans and me taking 4 boxes down to the bike/mechanic part of town to find a handyman. Hans reckons there’s only a reasonable chance we can make the old work with the new, but it works out.

Lucinda’s now really thin. She’s pretty happy about this. Every time we’ve lightened her she handles a little bit better. See below – skinny! Great for lane splitting too – if the bars fit between the trucks, the whole bike will
Later a parade of bikes and (apparently in CO) their cousins, armoured Jeeps, rolls happily through Medellin. Pretty wacky, really fun

All shapes and sizes. Sport, dual and chopped

Con armas

Various clubs

Kids too

The biggest club of them all

Very nice. But for the umpteenth time Lucinda has missed a parade. Soon, we think



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  1. Eddie,

    Nice boxes! Can u pull the locks off the old boxes? Look on the back of the latch.

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