Lake Calima

Cali, pop 2.5M, is the third largest city in Colombia after Bogota and Medellin. Once again, due to massive density the footprint is relatively small

Like the Shamrock in Medellin, there’s a convenient biker hostel, owned by local guru Mike. The Casa Blanca, on the right

On the left you can see a small shop critical to riders: It makes color laminated forgeries copies of drivers licenses, etc. They even have blank Colombian importation papers, to be filled out at your leisure, then considered at your leisure from jail if you mess it up.

We’re here for ten days since I have a friend coming to visit Cali on the weekend, actually in a few hours so I’d better get all these posts done… After settling in we set off for a long day trip to Lake Calima. The track (lake top center)
Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 6.48.00 PM

Off into the mountains again

Higher we pass through a gorge for maybe 30 miles. Oh Colombia


A small shrine and waterfall

After I took the above pic there was a beautiful black, red and yellow butterfly flitting around. I waited patiently for it to park on something but no luck. So After 10 minutes thought I could get a picture of it on the fly if I took enough shots. After maybe 50 this is the best I managed. That’s it lower left I think

Then we topped out to this view of this high-altitude lake

On the far side we stopped in the town of Darien for lunch. There was a shop selling floating orcas

My favorite!

On the eastern side of the lake it was more level. We hunted for a spot to access the water and rode through a smiling owners field

Then back to Cali. The other side of the loop passed through the most colorful town we’ve seen in CO

The final descent into the city, the salsa capital of Colombia


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