OK mom, go for it

My friend and I have moved to a B&B in Cali’s zona rosa. Today we went for a ride to a place called Kilometro 18 for lunch after a quick tour of the neighbourhood.

The track (in blue)Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 1.56.26 PM

We rode up into the hills through the barrios

For lunch, here

But it was closed. So we ate roadside here

It had an impressive kitchen

The bowl in the middle is boffe ahumado, cow lung, and awesome. Bottom right is a chorizo, in a very flexible membrane so the shape was unusual and a tad gross looking

Anyway, on the way back we filled up with gas. The attendant was like anyone in a uniform in Colombia – keen

Watched a crowd form around a fender bender and everyone break into happy diagnostic discussion

And stopped at a viewpoint. There was this guy my age with his ancient and really tiny mom (I was guessing) there enjoying the view. I wondered how she’d got there

Then unbelievably she was wearing a helmet

And walking our way

And stopped for a moment watching the traffic. See for yourself, you know how big a helmet is – she’s about 3-foot-something tall

She walked slowly on by, leaning heavily on her cane, and climbed onto the wall behind us. The son was talking to her the whole time, giving her instructions

Then she made a jump for it. I nearly cheered

And they were off. Valiente, said my friend



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  1. What can yo say other than “giddy up”.

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