map makers


Richard Burton lived a complete life. He was an impossibly good looking Victorian era linguist, swordsman, writer, gambler, womanizer, map maker and the greatest explorer of his time. His talks at the Royal Society in London were major events. He discovered the source of the Nile. He was the first man to see Mecca (at the risk of his life, in disguise).

Asked at the time what fueled him, he answered “the devil drives”. In other words, he didn’t know. Not money, not power, an indication of genius.

So this morning, stuck in Cali (more later) I glance over at the sidebar of my ITMB map of South America and start reading the story of Kevin Healey, Master Cartographer. He appears to have that same passionate, even self-destructive drive and love of far-away places that made them both uniquely talented map makers.

Here’s the sidebar on ITMB’s Reference Map of South America (click to read) or if you’re cranky about reading stuff just the second piece

2nd part

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