A break from the action for a moment.

Ben and Maddie are staying with a fellow who’s teacher, Jenny, took us for lunch in her beater Renault Master. There were five in the car. Here’s Jenny. She was a live wire.

As we drove the short distance from my B&B to the restaurant we passed a single story government building that had been demolished by a crowd

Gas station guarded by riot police

We had cuy, guinea pig, for lunch. They’re native to the Andes, specifically southern Colombia, Equador, Peru and Bolivia. I didn’t particuarly like it or dislike it. There wasn’t a lot of meat. It was disgusting to look at, obviously. I can’t remember if i got two heads or if someone gave me an extra.

Head close up

Limb close up. You rip this off and eat it just like a chicken wing. Yum.

Ben picking out an eyeball, trying to make a bad situation worse for everybody

Not easy to eat. Various degrees of completion – Ben about 95%, me about 70%, Maddie somewhat less.
P1100706 - Version 2

The group, excluding Andres.

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