Lima 1 (motoviajeros)

When I said in the Mancora post that I wasn’t going to make much southerly progress for a while I was right. As I catch up on posts from further south it looks like I’ll be headed back to Lima tomorrow. More on this in three or four posts.

To catch up, my first stop in Lima was Motoviajeros, the Touratech dealer and also go-to guys for Peru, run by Ivan and his wife Ines, long-distance riders themselves. The operation is in a locked compound. The GPS coordinates are S12 10.858 W077 00.139. These are a little different from the published ones that had me guessing a bit about the entrance.

You get to park on trimmed grass, yay. Inside it’s got everything Touratech plus a thousand accessories and tools. Very nice. This is just one corner of a large operation

Outside there’s construction going on in the compound as Ivan and Ines have big plans for expansion of their company. But those plans may be confidential so you’ll have to see for yourself as you come by on your way through Peru.

Ines has helpfully agreed to receive the shipment of my new riding suit I arranged before arriving. My old suit is in rags. It did a year before this ride began, so no complaints. But my new suit, the Klim Badlands Pro is the real deal. I’ll do a review of it once I’ve been through weather.

Thankfully the suit is here. But not without Ines and the boys at Klim going through customs hassles. But the bad news is the pants don’t fit. Guessing the size didn’t work out, so Klim are scrambling to get a new pair down.

I also needed a pair of Touratech pre-filters which Ivan had waiting for me. Also Ivan has arranged for BMW Lima to be ready for Lucinda’s service, 6000 miles since Medellin. Ivan has also saved me hours of hunting around and has found a place he’s worked with before to replace my broken fuel tank mount. Unbelievably, Ines has me write down all my service needs and discusses it with BMW Lima while I take off to my hotel. Ivan and Ines are dedicated to being the big stop in Peru for riders and if you’re reading this, please drop by, they’ll do anything they can to help you on your way. The best experience I’ve had the whole journey.

Here they are

Ivan tells me he did the same new riding suit delivery for Sherri Jo Wilkins (maybe the world’s most famous female long-distance rider) two years previously.

Back at the hotel I got sick with the flu within hours. Really sick. In a year I’ve had a cold leaving Guatemala for about 5 or 6 days, Montezuma’s revenge in Grenada for 3 days, now this. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad record. But anyway.

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