to Paracas

I’ve been killing time like crazy in Lima getting everything sorted out but the big hold-up is the new Klim replacement pants coming down from the US. Now normally you’d think pants wouldn’t hold up a road trip, but actually they do. Back to the story

When I was down at Touratech the second time a couple of days ago I was going to get a cab to BMW Lima to pick up Lucinda. Ines wouldn’t let me get a regular cab, as previously mentioned. There was a guy there, Alvaro, picking up some parts for his new 2013 1200GS. He overheard Ines and asked me if I wanted a lift since he was taking his parts over to be installed. And off we went.

He needs to get 1000K on his new engine before his first oil change and asked if we could ride south together. I’ve got to ride around in circles or something until my pants arrive so I’ve picked Paracas (heard great things) as a starting point. I said great. That evening he and his wife Ale took me out to the best restaurant in Lima, La Gloria. No matter how well I dressed up it was a hopeless embarrassment, but they didn’t mind. I’d warned them. It was a fabulous dinner. The top restaurants in Lima are the top restaurants in Latin America they say.

The day’s track
Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 6.45.42 PM

So ready to ride south together for a day, we meet at my hotel and off we go. A picture at the first lookout. Yup Alvaro’s jacket is bright. I didn’t say anything

After this shot was taken Alvaro asked me what I thought of the three guys hanging out at this pull-out, one of which had taken this picture. I said they seemed OK. He said nope, they weren’t, they were bad guys. I didn’t like them, but I didn’t feel threatened. Still some learning to do…

We stopped for a last look at Lima. Alvaro’s rowing club is the building in the bay at the end of the long pier

As usual I’m nervous about stopping and taking shots and slowing people up on a ride so I don’t get a lot of shots. But there’s not a lot to miss on this stretch.

But I pull into a town and ride the sand roads down to the waterfront after an hour. It’s very interesting but deserted. From the main road

Down at the water, on a seawalk in front of closed-up holiday homes

Looking the other way. It’s a beautiful spot.

Off we go again and stop at a lunch spot that’s apparently quite famous

Which brings us to chicha, this drink that’s on nearly every table everywhere

It’s juice from roasted corn, a purple variety, mixed with cinnamon, apple and sugar. Delicious. There’s a Pisco sour chicha, but more on that later. The corn appetizer in the background is also on every table everywhere and it’s chullpi.

Then after another hour or two, we stop for coffee and Alvaro’s turn-around point, before I head into Paracas

Tomorrow’s going to be an adventure, badly needed.

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