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Someone pointed out the other day that my blog is a little different in that it’s a travelog, rather than a series of essays about places or notable rides with gaps in between, which is the norm. This keeps the pressure on writing, as I account for all my road moves. Even the bad ones, like going backwards to Lima.

My ignition/ECU problem is back. I can’t start in gear, only in neutral. This doesn’t work, as explained before. So no-one has been able to dial this problem out since it started in Nicaragua. It’s probably cost me 10 days or more and 5 visits to mechanics. Every part has been replaced. The whole starter assembly, the potentiometer and the clutch switch three times. It’s a huge mystery. The guy in Cali was sure he had it fixed and it’s been good for maybe 4000 miles, but it’s dead again now.

And there’s my new pants coming in. I wasn’t going to have to come back to Lima for these as Alvaro was coming this way and could have brought them, but now no need.

So since we’ve already covered the Paracas/Lima route, the blog theme for this trip is roadside lunch stop places. I took a few pictures of what the major daily decision looks like, posted here in the order I passed them. Here’s a possible but a bit dull

This one looks excellent

Even better though

These clustered ones don’t grab me

Nice, but a little too enclosed

The wrong vibe here

Perfect, maybe a Michelin star even

But my hunger caught up with me and so I stopped here

In a typical town

The best country for this is Mexico because they’re frequent and the food so good, the worst Panama because they don’t do them at all. And it only applies when you’re on a big enough road. When you’re not you buy fruit and juice from tiendas or stock up in the morning.


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  1. Hugh Thomas,

    That damn starting problem is a mystery. Shoulda bought a KLR (yuk yuk).

    Your trip through Panama was apparently not so great. It always ranks so low.

    Keep up the good work. We’re al enjoying it.
    Ride on. Have fun.

    • I thought Panama was great! Boca Chica (and the beautiful ride out), the north coast trips with Eddie, the super-dense forest. Panama City’s not easy but even that was an interesting memory.

      Yeh, the starting. Arrggh.

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