the major fix

The handling of Lucinda’s two major problems by BMW Lima wasn’t the greatest. Repeated fails have caused them embarrassment and me frustration. So they’re coming down to Arequipa to fix her once and for all at their cost. We hope it’s the end of the issues.

Alvaro stays another day to watch what’s going on and to help with the more advanced Spanish bike discussions. Not only this but Alvaro has set up plan B with an outstanding mechanic that he knows in Antofagasta , Chili, which is just down the road a bit. After a few hours he heads off back to Lima. We’ll be riding together soon. We have a great deal in common, share similar visions and are both solo riders. He swears he’s going to join me for a leg. The one that appeals to him most is Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq. But maybe something sooner. Anyway amigo, thanks for everything.

Poor Lucinda

Soon she’s in pieces

For the next two days they work for a few hours, then I test ride her for a few hours. One time I take her for a tour of one of the many huge mining operations around here. As big as a city and surrounded by whorehouses

Tour the burbs

And after a few days we’re 50% confident that things are well. I won’t go into the details because there’s still some controversy. I’m doubting a coincidence that needs to be overlooked for this to be over. Lucinda is not convinced either. I like it that she always agrees with me. So we’re going to cast off knowing that there’s someone excellent not so far away. But it will change the plan. Let’s see how it goes.


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  1. Kim,

    50% isn’t bad and I’m staying tuned!

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