Buenos Aires

Imagine being in a situation where you’ve got to write a blog post ‘about’ Buenos Aires. You’d have to be an idiot to try it, so just two things

We’re on our way to the Gardens via the Subte (the subway, short form of subterranean because they couldn’t think of a better name at the time, but I like it). On at this station, and not a glamorous one

Packed. This is your Buenos Aires crowd. You’re struck by the diversity. Hair colour! Wow, haven’t seen anything but beautiful black hair for a year. Very European

The station at the other end

So why waste post-space on a subway? Because it’s 101 years old. There were years when Buenos Aires was so rich, anything they saw they wanted, they bought, built or had shipped across the Atlantic.

Into the Botanical Garden. It’s mostly in poor shape.

So we walk over to something I’m curious about: the glasshouses

They’re in disrepair, but still wonderful things. Built in 1889 they were at one time the finest in the world

Another, smaller one

And that’s this rider’s contribution to the collective posts on Buenos Aires, a place/subject too big to tackle.

And when you’re a few weeks behind on posts you need to engineer this kind of bullshit.


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