the canal

Back in Los Angeles, Chile, I mentioned that something had come up.

Something good. There was an original plan for my children to meet me in South America before I headed west. Then my middle child got a new job in Ottawa. So we all went there instead.

Lucinda and I rode further down the centre of Chile, weaving our way from near the coast to near the mountains. We headed east at Osorno and crossed the Andes, nearly crashing in a very big way, back into Argentina and San Carlos de Bariloche where I knew there was a trusted hiding place for Lucinda.

Then flew to Buenos Aires. After exploring for a few days, flew through Santiago and Toronto to Ottawa, where it was -20 C, in runners and a thin poly mid-layer.

It was a perfect place and perfect timing to be with my family, in the Capital, to celebrate with a million Canadians as the men and women won Hockey gold.

Now I’m back with Lucinda in Bariloche, planning the long ride down to Ushuaia, the southernmost town in the world.

Back-posts will be filled in below.



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  1. Tom,

    Awesome – was wondering where you had “disappeared” to?
    Go Canada!
    (Son to Father: “What’s silver?”
    Father to son: “I don’t know son, we’re Canadian.”)

  2. Anonymous,

    I wondered where you had gotten. My fantasy was that you met some cute Los Angeles chic and decided to not get out of bed for a month!!

  3. I thought we agreed my title would be “the funny daughter.”
    Great trip, hope you’re well.

  4. Hugh Thomas,

    Jeremy, Glad you got “home” for a few days. Well deserved. You have really done this. Congrats to you for hanging in there and living your dream.
    Ride safe, always looking forward to your next post.

  5. Trine,

    I’m relieved. I was worried about you. I’m glad you had a trip home to visit your family. Take care.

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