C Austral 2

The day’s track
Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 6.47.22 PM

The Google Earth
Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.49.44 PM

Google Earth of Chalten
Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.56.36 PM

Why did we include that? Well, when we wandered out onto the street this morning, there was a Google street-view car. Here? Incredible. Most riders even go down south a different way. And, no surprise: a guy was sawing his damaged fender off the front with a hacksaw. I spoke to the driver for a few minutes. He wasn’t in a good mood

The road out of Chalten was paved for 5K. I’m told one day the whole route will be paved, that they’re doing it in sections starting here. Half of me says that’s a huge shame, the other half says go for it, who knows what’s best

The road turned to dirt and gravel at this bridge

We started the day with a ride through this valley. For a moment it looked like the sun might shine. Hooray Lucinda said

It was strangely silent. No birds, no movement, just the clouds moving rapidly

Then the gravel size went up to rounded stones. The famous berms started appearing – best not to try to cross these without decent speed

Feels remote, and it is. The only road south and few on it

Here comes the rain

Into the village of La Junta

We had about 20K of difficult riding today. No question it’s nerve-racking being so loose on the road, not being able to slow down or stop without dropping Lucinda. Saving crashes on the throttle happens every few hundred yards when it’s bad. No fun on a 1200cc bike. This road is for little bikes.

We’re not seeing the mountains because of the clouds. But a long way to go.


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