C Austral 3

The day’s track
Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 6.43.52 PM

Leaving La Junta

We meet up with the ocean again. It starts raining

The town of Putuhuapi

We follow the fjord’s edge with the rain easing up

Still can’t see anything

Fuscia trees

A salt marsh at the end

Fuscia and gunnera

Because the going is on the slow side, we gun it down the straights to make up time

There are many dead trees on the route, presumably from past fires

At this spot the mountains are huge around us according to Google Earth, but nothing

This was horrendous. Slippery and blind corners. I refused to take the inside line on the blind right-handers. It seemed to me that anything oncoming was more likely to run close than run wide. Fortunately we didn’t have to find out.

Nasty climb. I spoke to Jerzy later and he didn’t like it at all, and he’s a pro.
Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 8.44.27 AM

Up there you can just see a hanging glacier and waterfalls. Apparently this is normally a breathtaking sight. Oh well.

Like this for most of the day. And very cold.

Then it turned to pavement for the run into Coyhaique, the biggest town on the Carretera.

Those mountains are huge

At last, some sun

See a cool bridge

And like most bridges, a photo opp

You can see the road on the right hand side hill

Into Coyhaique

There was more loose ripio today.

The problem is that the rounded gravel, of various sizes, sometimes large, sits on a rock-hard base. It’s like riding giant ball bearings at times. At other times it’s in deep pools for a 100 yards and you have to surf it hard on the throttle.

They say if you can ride this stuff on a big bike you can ride anything. Exhausting, not so much on the body but somewhere in the head. You’re so close to going down so often it takes a toll after a while, and you get tired. So we’re going to keep the day’s targets less than 200 miles.



3 Comments so far. Leave a comment below.
  1. Tom D,

    Damn – that description of the riding – ball bearings on hard surface – sounds nasty.
    200 miles a day of that – ouch!
    This’ll make your cajones significantly larger!

  2. Beautiful photos as usual but that one greasy looking mountain road looks horrendous.

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