C Austral 4

The day’s track
Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 8.45.44 AM

We took a day trip out to Puerto Aysen, a fishing village/town at the head of a long fjord

A very nice village

Oops, can’t think of a caption here

The wooden fish boats had a billion coats of paint

KTM fish boats with less paint

The end of the road

The pavement outside of Coyhaique. Pretty much the only pavement around for a long way

Another caption-free moment

Up to 8000′ on this section of the Carretera

Then back into Coyhaique!


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  1. Hugh Thomas,

    Hi Jeremy, You are almost there. Its always a treat to see your latest post. What an adventure. Glad Lucinda got new shoes for this last leg. She’ll perform better with them.
    I wish you well and look forward to the next post. How much longer do you think you will be in South America?
    Safe travels, Hugh

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