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  1. Hi Jeremy, I´m Joaquin , one in the group of riders traveling north, who find you in the restaurant Pura Vida in Calafate.
    Was a pleasure to share dinner (and good wine) with you.
    Good luck and drive safely.

    • It was great meeting you guys!
      I hope the weather was good for you on the Carretera Austral.
      Thanks for a fun evening and for your generous Argentinian hospitality.

      • Weather was great, only one rainy day with exhilarating fast driving on wet gravel, and two nearly freezing days, fortunately with no ice on the road.
        We arrived to O´Higgins the 28th, left it the 29th morning, and after 3 long driving days we took a plane the 31th night from Bariloche to home in Buenos Aires

  2. alex,

    Congratulations Jeremy you made it to the bottom of the world. I am sure your motorcycle adventures are not over so what is next?

  3. alex,

    Fantastic, Far East here you come!

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