back to Santiago

We spent a few days in Puerto Montt after the boat ride.  As previously mentioned, a working town

Some good buildings

And plenty of good graffiti

There are a row of busts along the waterfront. The usual Chilean heroes. But one caught my eye as I stumbled over his name: Dagoberto Godoy Fuentealba

Dagoberto, who was teased at school, at least I think he was, was the first Chilean to fly across the Andes, at a maximum height of 20,600 feet on December 12, 1918

After Claudia left for Guatemala we rode straight up the PanAm 700 miles over a couple of days

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 4.38.51 PM

They were burning off fields on the way

A horrible road but we’re trying to wrap up Latin America. My mind is occupied most of the day with the track ahead, on the other side of the Pacific. But there are a few things to be done first. Pick up my new passport in Santiago, do some travel paperwork, change gears.

Lucinda is very tired. I’m going to do half the work she needs here and the more complicated half at our new destination. More on this later.


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