Uruguay – country

We’re headed due north to a border up in the corner of the country.

We start on the main road to Montevideo. Later we learn that this kind of immaculate view is typical of Uruguay

Pink is a colour they like a lot for farmhouses

We turn off the main road and head through the countryside. After about an hour or two we pass through a small town. It’s Sunday morning and there are people gathering around the plaza on horses

This guy’s the mayor or something. People start gathering around him

He’s followed by others carrying flags

Then we notice an extraordinary thing. The following horses are men and their sons

The sons who are old enough to ride their own horses, do. The one’s who aren’t old enough ride with Papa. Here’s one of each. It’s very moving to watch

There was one boy who looked liked he was out today solo for the first, or one of the first times. Father or grandfather was fussing over him. Probably 100’s of years of horsemanship were passed down this way, father to son. The boy was lucky, I thought

This fellow’s expression told the story. There was a lot of quiet pride here today

It was a bit sad to have to leave. I would have liked to stay in this town for a while. I watched them go off somewhere west and continued north.

Leaving the town, more of this

Through maybe 50 miles of Eucalyptus

Parrots and parrakeets in the treetops

This is mostly where the money comes from

Later, on the River Uruguay the border. Both countries in the same building

Past the town of Fray Bentos

And across the river back into Argentina

We only had a few days here. It seems to be off the riding map. I wish I’d seen much more.

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