the illusive kangaroos – day 6

The next morning, high up in a palm, are two birds making a lot of noise. Happy noise

Carefully we walk around the sunny side and wait. And here he/she is. It appears it’s a Galah. A parrot
DSC04098 - Version 2

Amazing bird. It flies away, showing off the red
DSC04099 - Version 2

The two of them working at some project together

Anyway, the day’s track, which looks a lot like yesterday’s
Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 5.42.30 PM

On our first visit to the coast the shoreline’s covered in the litter of a sea weed. We walk out on it and it’s spongy and deep

Close up it looks like this. Very mysterious. The mystery will be resolved in a day or two

Down to the next beach near a fishing village

Outside the village is this huge sculpture of a lobster with no pincers. It greets you as you turn into town

At the harbor dock there’s an impressive fish boat unloading to what appears to be a collective

The boat’s about 70 feet long, a raw platform at the back and a bow with a fast entry. It’s trick looking. I walk over to the conveyor and see flashes of red lobster in sealed boxes

Another boat comes in. Similarly sporty for a fish boat. Clearly speed and looking good is everything. Lucinda understands

So it turns out the industry is huge and extends up the coast hundred of miles to a town called Coral Bay where the species turns into what they call a ‘blue’ and is not easily caught nor commercially viable. This animal they call a ‘cray’ and is  a rock lobster. Strange looking without claws. So of course we have it for lunch and it’s good.

Back on the road we pass the typical red dirt roads regularly. Although we don’t have one on the route ahead for a little while we think we’ll go ride one for a while and see how the surface feels. Very pretty to ride on

It feels good. A gritty variable sand making a firm surface. But we’re sure it’ll be different every time. Like crappy, corrugated, deep and unpredictable we’re guessing. Further down the road. Gorgeous

To a little house with a coffee sign outside

Then back on the road for the blast north

To yet another fantastic shoreline at the town of Kalbarri

And ride out onto the rocks

No kangaroos.

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